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How Is Recovery Enhanced? 

Anabolic Sciences has compiled the best ingredient profiles to produce the best effects including but not limited to: 

  • Use by bodybuilders and other athletes to increase metabolism. 
  • Certain individual and combination use of phytoceuticals are used to stimulate muscle growth, and this anabolic effect promotes increased physical performance
  • Study shows that stigmasterol can inhibit several pro-inflammatory and matrix degradation mediators. 
  • Can be involved in the synthesis of many hormones like progesterone, androgens, estrogens and corticoids. 
  • Can be used by bodybuilders and power athletes for its ergogenic properties. 
  • Recent research indicates that intracellular calcitriol levels in numerous human tissues, including nerve and muscle tissue, are increased when inputs of its substrate are increased. 
  • May prevent bone strength loss, and help improve the effects of estrogen in women for preventing osteoporosis. 
  • Plant sterols are utilized in a number of common chemical processes designed to yield numerous synthetic and semi-synthetic compounds for pharmaceutical industry.